Product photographer Rotterdam

Emiel Lops Photography specializes in product photography and provides product photography and pack shots for various organizations in the Rotterdam region.
Emiel Lops supplies high-quality professional product photos that can be used for websites, catalogs, brochures, etc.


Packshots or productphotos?

When it comes to product photography, people quickly think of crystal clear, sharp photos against a white background. These are so-called packshots.
The products are lit and photographed in the same way, so that significant amounts of packshots can be made in a short time. These packshots are functional photos, intended to display the products clearly.

On the other hand, with product photography, more attention is paid to the setting, use of light and atmosphere.
The special characteristics of the product are emphasized as much as possible and the viewer is being seduced to gather more information about the product and eventually buy it.

Photostudio for product photography

My photo studio in Bergschenhoek is conveniently located in the immediate vicinity of highways and can be easily reached from Rotterdam by car and public transport. In my spacious photo studio I have access to a large number of flashes, backgrounds and other tools.
In my studio I shoot product photos as well as business portraits.

Interested in my product photography?

Are you interested in my product photography? More of my work can be viewed in my product photography portfolio.
Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to discuss all the options.

Why do you choose Emiel Lops Photography?

-Extensive experience and expertise in the field
-Working on location and a spacious photo studio near Rotterdam
-Good, fast service
-The best equipment for the job
-Excellent social skills